Horton Crossbows Reviews


You never fire any firearm, bow, or crossbow, or ride any bicycle, without giving it a thorough inspection first, especially if they are new. I thought everyone knew that. Store clerks don’t always do a good job assembling things. It’s up to you to make sure the device is safe to use.

This is how you sue. Go to a Chiropractor because your neck hurts. You may have damaged your spine permanently. The Chiropractor should refer you to a doctor or attorney. If not seek another one. They reason is the are after connected. They all want a piece of the pie. Notify your state Attorney General as this may have happened to others. They will not sue on your behalf. If many complaints are filled they will do a class action suit. Since it came assembled the store is responsible.

Parker Crossbows, which has been recognized in recent years as one of the fastest growing crossbow manufacturers in America, recently attracted the attention of hunters everywhere when it unveiled its 2011 Concorde model with an innovative auto-cocking system at the recently-concluded West Virginia Hunting and Fishing Show. The crossbow is the latest triumph for the West Virginia-based crossbow manufacturer, which has earned an excellent reputation for its innovative designs. The company was founded in 1985 by Bob Everett. Ironically enough, crossbows are illegal in the state for the general hunting public, but the technology is legal for use by physically-handicapped hunters with a Class Y or Class YY license.

The patented Quick Draw System automatically cocks and uncocks the bow with the touch of a button that is conveniently located in the stock, using an internal CO2-powered mechanism. The CO2 is provided via a standard 9oz bottle that can easily be changed, and each bottle allows the bow to be cocked up to fifty times at room temperature or 10 times at temperatures of 10-degrees Fahrenheit. This makes using the Concorde easy and effortless, even for the greenest hunter. And the cocking process is quick, lasting no more than a few seconds while the string suppressor ensures whisper-quiet operation, ensuring that you won’t scare your prey away.

What’s New?

The first news about PSE’s Reaper Crossbow is that it’s finally home grown. The earlier versions of the crossbow produced for huntingwere famous for being outsourced from Taiwan. But for the 2011 model, PSE finally decided to move the production to their factory in Tucson, Arizona.

Many believe that this decision is PSE’s way of ensuring that the product has better quality compared to its predecessors. What’s more is that the quality improvement isn’t taken out on the consumers. That’s because the PSE Reaper Crossbow can still be bought at under $400.

What Do You Get?

The PSE Reaper Crossbow now has a 185-pound split limb assembly which gives it more power and speed. Specifically, the Reaper allows you to shoot carbon Charger crossbow arrows that have 100-grain points at 310 feet per second. This means that your kinetic energy can reach up to 86 ft-lbs if you have an arrow weight that totals 425 grains.

The 2011 model also has a locking system termed as a Two Point Limb Bolt and a longer barrel. This gives the Reaper an increased power stroke. The crossbow now also has a new paint job. It is film-dipped in a Mossy Oak Tree stand camouflage which helps for increased stealth when you take it to the woods.

Crossbows have become one of the more preferred choices by avid archers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Just as there are so many different types of sports where crossbows can be used, there are just as many different varieties of crossbow designs to choose from. A number of these crossbows may be specific in their usage while others can be rather flexible. If you are searching to buy a crossbow either from an archery specialty store in shopping malls or over the Internet, here are a number of tips that you need to remember before you finally purchase your crossbow. The first thing that you would need to determine is what will you be using your crossbows for. Are you looking at archery as a hobby and would therefore use crossbows to primarily shoot at targets during target shooting competitions?

Similarly, are you planning to use the crossbows for outdoor sports such as hunting or fishing? Crossbows come in a variety of weight and power categories. Heavier and more powerful crossbows are ideal for sport hunting and fishing. If you are only looking to use your crossbow for target practice, then you need to look for and purchase the simpler, basic crossbow. If you are looking into purchasing crossbows to use for hunting and fishing, make sure that the crossbow that you want to eventually buy adheres to the requirements specified in your hunting and fishing license. Some state government agencies in the United States of America who are in charge of overseeing the hunting and fishing zones within your state also have a set of regulations with regards to the kind of crossbows and other types of archery equipment that can be used for fishing and hunting. You can contact your local parks and wildlife agencies within your state to find out exactly what these regulations are.