Horton Crossbows Videos

I just got this today and I went out to shoot it and I love it. The only question I have is that the two cords that are tucked below (not the one that you draw to shoot) look like they are very slightly starting to tear, but it hasn’t effected the performance at all and since my whole family shoots it including my younger brothers and mom I really want to make sure it is safe. Thanks!

hey man this really help i’m researching into crossbows especially this one i’m 15 and i believe i’m getting this for Christmas i cant wait i’m completely new to archery hunting and hope this will be an awesome starter. any suggestions for what i might need to add to it i’m not a big fan of scopes but i’m willing to give it a shot.

Very sorry for the delayed response Chris. You are correct and need to install the slides. Horton did not include the slides on some of their early brotherhood crossbows. The manual says to install the slides on models with the metal stock only and this is incorrect. Cable slides should be installed on all models.